Joseph Betz

I worked with Dhairya while he was a Data Scientist at Metronet. Dhairya’s expertise in Python, Pega, and NLP is exemplary. Dhairya utilized Python for data-driven solutions, optimizing processes with Pega, and demonstrating a keen understanding of NLP for valuable insights from unstructured text data. He also created a python script to scrape latitude/longitudes from geospatial/GoogleEarth files. This helped us ingest the data into our 3GIS platform so we could plot our assets on a map, and saving us money as we avoided having to outsource the work to a third party. Additionally, Dhairya use Google’s Places API to pull in ERATE leads for our Commercial Sales team. This resulted in the Sales team being able to target and close on sales to school systems across our footprint. Dhairya is a skilled, adaptable, and collaborative professional, making them an asset to any team.