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Mission Rispana


This is a project of Uttrakhand Government, The Rispana river flows through Dehradun city and near Motharawala and Clement town it meets Bindal river.  Rispana carries along a lot of waste water and solid waste when it passes through Dehradun city. It is here that Mission Rispana intends to play a game-changing role.

The movement to rejuvenate Rispana has been going on since quite some time. The Union Ministry of Environment stop climate change had earmarked Rispana as a part of Ganga river basin.

Ever since the government led by Chief Minister Trivendra singh rawat has assumed office, Mission Rispana has been a top priority for the government of Uttarakhand. Careful planning has been carried out about how to rejuvenate the river and the first phase involves replenishing greenery and water conservation enhancing vegetation in the upper riparian area of Rispana river.

The government is at it in a mission mode and expects citizens to join the Mission with their heart, mind and soul.